Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday 11th May 2014.

The garden is a draw for me, the village too so even on a weekend I can't help myself; but this weekend has not involved Barnsley. Yesterday I spent most of my time on a rain and windswept hillside a few miles north west of Wiveliscombe in Somerset pursuing my other passion. After a full English in the farm house kitchen it was off up the hill with like minded job was to man the lure machine that dragged various items including high vis' jackets for crazed whippets to chase. The weather, tangles and damp electrical contacts very nearly beat us; but all the competitions were ran out and winners got their rosettes.

'Bernie' in the Veg' Garden, he was in action in Somerset yesterday.
Whippets were an ice breaker for me with Mrs. Verey as she used to have them too, I like the blacks and blues; Mrs. Verey liked the fawn and white parti colours.

Dealing with the conditions and machinery was a distraction; but I couldn't help thinking 'what haven't I staked/caned/supported' at Barnsley? Ben and I have done most of the Geraneum phaeum and psilostemon, some of the Honesty too; but if I was a betting man then I would put my money on some of the Honesty being hit. A report will follow tomorrow.

Hetty, my youngest girl that I hope will be chasing bin liners in our October meeting when she will be 16 months with a few trial runs under her belt..

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