Tuesday, 24 July 2012

2012 so far...

What a six months! The first half of 2012 has been the busiest period for the gardening team at Barnsley for as long as I can remember; productive too. Spring is always busy, but we have also managed to fit in two large projects along the way. In April we re-planted the Temple Garden and in June we replanted the Spa Garden. Watering in the new plantings has not been an issue; although the new overflow on the pond seems to be working well.

The weather too, with the exception of March, has in most peoples’ minds been dire; but from a gardening perspective it has been most conducive. The warm March quickly swept the spring bulbs out of the way so our planting has been completed early and there was plenty of colour to be had in June, a notoriously tricky month. We were helped by the newly planted roses that were threaded through the beds in winter. We’ve just got to squeeze some Cosmos through Bed 2 and then we’re done.

The rain hasn’t always been co-operative with garden tasks; but the gardeners have on many an occasion taken a deep breath, put their hoods up, heads down and strode forward into the mud. So who are the team? We have updated our "Meet The Team" page so you can get yourself aquainted.

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