Wednesday, 28 May 2014

There's a Rose on the corner of Bed 2 that embarrasses me. The Spa occupies a spot that used to be known as the 'Secret Garden' (a rat run for gardeners and a bolt hole for the owners); up until 2005 it comprised of long grass, ornamental Crab Apples, a large Horse Chestnut (still there), Roses and a greasy muddy slope guarded by this particular Rose's much larger and sprawling parent, probably planted by David Verey. Every time I negotiated said slope, usually under load, this Rose couldn't help having a dig...pulling a cap off, scratching a neck or pawing at my glasses, infuriating! Looking at this Rose in full bloom now in a prominent garden position makes me want to apologise for turning the air blue in the Secret Garden.

From the Secret Garden, I think the variety of this Rose is 'Nevada'
Viola cornuta 'Spider'

Staying in Bed 2 and another splendid Rose is 'Wild Edric' with deep pink blousy blooms alongside the pink Margeurites we've planted, like the Margeurites it will flower all summer if deadheaded regularly. The thicket of tall stemmed plants topped by pendulous flowers of brown, green and dusky pink is the bulbous Allium relative...Nectaroscordum siculum, it will be pulled out after flowering to stop seeding as it is invasive; but there'll be plenty left for next year. Along the straight grass edge of this bed is a sea of bright green Euphorbias with an edge of starburst Allium schubertii flowerheads, purple Viola 'Spider' and cream Viola 'Foxbrook Cream'. On the corner is my favourite Rose 'Charles de Mills', just breaking bud and flowering just once; but oh the scent! Behind this Rose, in the hole,  are three newly planted Dahlia 'Rip City' and a twiggy Bamboo support for the Sweet Pea 'Painted Lady'.

Viola cornuta 'Foxbrook Cream' and Allium schubertii.
Just a couple of steps across the central stone path lined with eight clipped Yews, multi-coloured Rock Roses and orange Poppies is Bed 1, a mass of green, perennials racing forward such as the Phlox 'David' and  Campanula persicifolia. It is the large grouping of white Centranthus that steals the show now with dark blue Salvias and Aquilegias for company. Just in front of the large Box ball is the cute Viola 'Icy but Spicy' and behind Rose 'Buff Beauty' is starting to show.

Bed 1
The large bed next to the Pond garden is Bed 4, again a mass of green, yet to reach it's zenith; but instead of whites, greens, yellow and blues this display becomes richer as the season progresses. the shrubs produce autumn tints that compliment the Asters, Persicaria, Ruby Chard and Nasturtiums. The Sweet Pea 'Beaujolais' is just starting to flower, supported by a sprouting willow 'yurt', a grouping of silver leaved Stachys lanata completes the line up. The felt like texture of Stachys gives it another name of 'Lamb's Lugs'. Ruby Chard was planted in this border last year and was a great success so we have repeated the process; but added to it with dark red Nasturtiums.

Bed 4-the Honesty right of the dark Sweet Pea will perform into winter with it's silver dollar moon disc seedheads. Dark Delphinium spikes can just be made out in the background.
Bed 4 from the other side and a large grouping of Geranium psilostemon.
Just over the railings and lining the pond is Siberian Iris 'Tropic Night', soon to be overtaken by the roses in the beds here. The prickly Rose 'Harlow Carr' has got a few pink flowers already.

Opposite the Laburnum Tunnel is the Broad Border with it's cameo corner of purple Ajuga and silver rosetted Echeveria running back into the border with a carpet of white flowered Saxifrage (possibly Saxifraga hirsuta), variegated Saxifraga spathularis borders the edge of the path as it winds further in. The rhubarb relative Rheum palmatum 'Atrosanguineum' has tall cream flower spikes, some replanting has been carried out near to it with ferns, this spot has, with maturity, become a shaded area and the ferns have thrived. Along the edge of the Broad Border running down to the Frog Fountain can be seen newly planted Cerinthe major 'Purpurescens and Echium vulgare for summer colour of blues and across the central path can be seen pristine Hostas that have survived the slugs!

Broad Border Ferns.

Cameo corner.
 If you're wandering around the gardens and you'd like more information on plants or the garden please ask a gardener..Ben, John, Mark or myself.

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  1. Richard,
    Very pleased to see the garden this week, especially the Laburnum Walk. I have never seen it at its peak before. Your tour, as always was excellent. I am doing a post about my visit to Barnsley House this week and have a shot of the corner of the bed. I like "cameo corner", I am going to use it. Looking forward to following your blog.
    Best wishes,