Saturday, 21 June 2014

21st June 2014.

The Potager at 14.00 today. A Lime Shoot cloche stands idle, testament to the statuesque Savoy Cabbage it once protected. The ruby red twigs perfect company for the rich coloured Sweet Peas.
Another today picture. Netting prevents Woodies (Wood Pigeons) making 'lace' of our Savoy Cabbages. Planting any Cabbage or it's relations and walking away without providing protection usually ends in disappointment. White Martagon Lilies in the foreground.

The Potager is at tipping point.....failure to remove bolted Chards etc will result in a dry, seedy late show. This last week we've been busy clearing and planting....seed grown 'Green Globe' Artichokes, Clary Sage, 'Earthwalker' Sunflowers and Celeriac 'Prinz'. The Celeriac was given to us by Mark Bayston, a gardener at Barnsley House for Mrs. Verey in 1999 when I arrived, he's a good friend and pops by most Tuesday breaktimes whilst working at another garden in Barnsley. Don't get me wrong there's still plenty 'coming on' in the Potager; but it's a time of year when it's not always easy to stay focused with a hundred and one other jobs to next week it's fix bayonets!
So what's looking good in the Potager?.......
  • Single coppery/apricot blooms of the 'Alexander Rose' grows next to the fully double apricot pink 'William Morris' Rose...these can be found against the trellis on the cow lane side of the Potager.
  • Wonderful rose red and white 'Painted Lady' Sweet Peas climb up a short twiggy 'tent'...can be found gracing the tables of the village pub.
  • Courgettes in the two entrance beds are greening up nicely and starting to increase in size, they were a worry due to slug and snail attacks; but beer traps and violent use of hand tools remedied the situation.
  • Great bed of Long Red Florence Onions.
  • Good 'January King' Cabbages. After a brief Woodie attack Dogwood cloches were deployed and the scarecrow moved about regularly!
  • Fantastic Savoy Cabbages with a willow tee pee centrepiece that has been been mugged by Sweet Peas..see top picture.
  • In one corner of the Potager is an overflowing bed of bright blue Viper's Bugloss (Echium vulgare), a British native that the bees find irresistable!
  • The 'Little Gem' Lettuces that grew between the Savoy Cabbages have been harvested as have the 'Marvel of Four Seasons' lettuce. Twelve Kilos of Spinach too has gone to the kitchen, replaced now by 'January King' Cabbages.
  • The spring Sorrel has been cut hard back, fed and watered and is now back to it's soft leaved best. Looks like Dock!

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