Monday, 13 October 2014

Honesty (Lunaria annua)

It was one of those gloriously golden mornings earlier today, a low sun filtered through amber leaves that promised warmth later in the day and everything beaded with silver dew...'a Cotswold morning if ever there was one!' to steal a quote from a larger than life character I met when I first came down here. The dewy lawns have now been brushed by John, this does two things...knocks the water off and into the soil before it can evapourate away as well making the job of mowing the lawns and hovering up leaves a lot easier, less sticky. I can now hear him mowing away.  We needed the rain this week to wash in our post scarifying dressing of lawn feed; but it always has a down side and I thought it may dampen the  oyster shell display that the Honesty (Lunaria annua) puts in at this time off the year and if we're lucky well into winter. I'm pleased to say this morning it looks splendid, such a good plant providing banks of purple flowers in spring and mother of pearl clouds that twinkle in the autumn sunshine.

The lawns are green again and after Ben and John's mowing and hoovering they really set the garden off especially with edging too. Conditions are not always easy at this time of year for regular mowing so that tufty appearance can be annoying; but once a light cut evens them up they're a delight to the eye.

John knocking the dew off the Parterre lawns

A very forgivable Tomato thief hiding under the Basil!
Tomato thief's favourite Tomato

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