Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Autumn is joyous, it's my favourite time of year when change is evident, just like spring; but not as fast. Spring change has lots to offer, everywhere you look there's something impressive to see...hosts of Daffodils or clouds of blossom. Autumn on the other hand offers subtle beauty often when the observer looks at the scene within the context of the season.....low sun onto claret Hawthorne hedges or shiny freshly turned plough as the sun goes down, ploughing remember that? Starlings are murmurating, overhead I've heard  Redwings calling at night as they migrate here for the winter and just the other morning I witnessed a Peregrine hunting Fieldfares (another migrating thrush that escapes the arctic winters by coming to these isles) above the carpark!

In the garden Autumn Snowdrops (Galanthus reginae olgae) can be seen here and there. A newly planted (two years ago) Sorbus 'Joseph Rock' is starting to colour up before leaf drop, it's lemon yellow berries stunning too, Mrs Verey liked mountain Ashes or Rowans and this particular variety was one of her favourites. Honesty is having it's final hurrah after wowing us with clouds of mauve purple in April, the talking point now is the mother of pearl discs of it's spent seed cases that reflect the low sunlight, looking particularly impressive under the Pond Garden Magnolia. On the 21st of February this year I wrote about us pruning a vicsious 'Wickwar' Rose and pictured it's weaponry; now it's looking rather more demure festooned with terracotta hips, still bites though!

We're expecting our first decent frost of the season this week so today, after early morning leaf chasing, Ben has been lifting Salvias, Fuchsias, Argyranthemums and Plectranthus, which are then potted on and protected from the worst of the coming months. Bed one has already been cleared and planted up for next year...Tulips 'Princess Irene', 'White Triumphator' and 'Bellona' were put in along with blue Nigella. Bed one lacked late colour this year so Ageratina altissima (very late white flower heads and interesting seed heads) and Limonium (pale lavender/blue airy flowers produced in succession with dead heading)  have been added.

Trinkets from the garden stockpiled in the store, Christmas is coming and gardeners must be ready!

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