Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The 2nd of January brought that comfortably numb feeling to Barnsley House..Ann was strategically removing Christmas decorations whilst Mark and I put the world to rights in the potting shed at breaktime before splitting up and returning to our duties. For me it was sweeping and clearing away Wisteria leaves from the terrace with brush and Billygoat as well as removing a bundle of debris from behind the log store.
It was mild with no chill and a soft winter sun. Just before lunch I chatted with Mr Hagan, a gentleman that I'm always pleased to see in the garden, with a light tan herringbone topcoat and a matching centre button Irish style flat cap he's an old school gent that speaks my language. "A whisky perhaps?"...I decline as much as I'd like to sip a malt. The conversation covered the forthcoming spring and the emerging Snowdrops and  I introduced him to the charms of Winter Sweet (Chimonanthes praecox) a perfectly scented winter flowering shrub and this is the best I've seen it. You could easily walk past it's flowers; but it's scent will pull you back, Chanel could not perfect it.

Chimonanthes praecox, Wintersweet.
It was a re-affirming day that proved extremely satisfying; especially as I found myself, in the afternoon, sweeping and tidying in that church like corner of the garden that includes the Laburnum and Winter Walks. No distractions just the gentle act of gardening and noticing, a clump of Galanthus 'Atkinsii' ( a particularly favourite variety of Snowdrop) pushing away a covering of Lime leaves; if only every day could be like this. Modern work places so many demands on the manager that can side track and distract from, in my case, achieving garden goals and objectives. Today's circumstances allowed me to refocus and realise that no one wants to be remembered for their really good risk assessments.

Galanthus 'Atkinsii'

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